Resonance Crystal Legacy

A character-driven adult epic fantasy series. Fast-paced sword and sorcery action in an East Asian-inspired setting, with the raw emotion and diaspora themes of the Green Bone Saga.

There are currently 5 books planned in the series.

A 2023 Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off Contest semi-finalist and Indie Ink Awards Finalist!

“You don’t belong here. Go back to the gutters, or better yet, to Chanaz. Don’t shame the Guild; no House will take someone like you.”

Jade City meets The Hunger Games in an immigrant story about love, debt, and sacrifice.

Rahelu, the daughter of deeply indebted immigrant fisher folk, must beat her wealthy, privileged rivals in a ruthless job hunt tournament to save her family.

For fans of a fast-paced action plot with the tight character-driven narrative of Daughter of the Empire, low exposition prose, a Sandersonian emotions-based magic system, and the ruthless drive of The Traitor Baru Cormorant.

The highly-anticipated sequel to the award-winning, SPFBO semi-finalist debut, Petition.

“Have no regrets, Rahelu. You made the right choice. And I believe, given the right direction, given the appropriate incentive, you will continue to do remarkable things. I see great promise in your future.”

Six of Crows meets Mistborn: The Well of Ascension with a Locked Tomb twist.

Rahelu sails with a hand-picked team through unfriendly seas, chasing a lost artifact that can turn any desire into reality.

For fans of character-driven, multi-POV narratives with betrayal and political intrigue, in the vein of The Monster Baru Cormorant.

Launching on Kickstarter in late 2024.