What would you sacrifice to gain your deepest desire?

In the Dominion of Aleznuaweite, anyone can rise to the greatest heights—if they are willing to pay the price.

Failure is a luxury Rahelu can’t afford. Her family sold everything, left their ancestral home, and became destitute foreigners for the sake of her resonance skills. Now she can manipulate emotional echoes to discern truth from lies, conjure the past, and even foretell the future.

But an act of petty revenge by her rival destroys her chance at joining one of the great Houses. Desperate to prove her family’s sacrifices were not in vain, Rahelu calls upon the most dangerous magic of all—altering fortune.

A slight twist of fate is enough to restore her way forward…with deadly consequences she never bargained for. The Houses make a pawn of her in their bitter struggle for control of the Dominion. A shadowy cult grows ever closer to completing an ancient ritual.

And Rahelu discovers that fulfilling her oath to her family might come at the cost of her mother’s life.

Publication details

Book 1 of Resonance Crystal Legacy. Published 30 May 2022. ISBNs: 978-0-6455100-0-3 (ebook), 978-0-6455100-1-0 (paperback), 978-0-6455100-2-7 (hardcover).

Intended Audience

This work of fiction is intended to be new adult/adult.

General content/trigger warnings

Abuse (emotional, physical, verbal), bodies/corpses, classism, death (including murder), mature language (including profanity), mental intrusion/emotional assault, self-harm (cutting), sex (masturbation), slavery, and violence (including blood/gore/sex).

Specific content/trigger warnings by chapter

The following definitions have been used for intensity ratings:

Implied: Not directly mentioned in the text but is clear from the subtext.

Mentioned: Text makes direction reference to the content but does not dwell on the content. Usually no more than 1-2 lines.

Discussed: Content is the subject of direct discussion in the text but the content is not dramatized in the scene. E.g. corpses and manner of death discussed in dialogue between characters undertaking a murder investigation.

Depicted: Content is dramatized in the scene with some descriptive detail. Usually at least several paragraphs.

Explicit: Content is dramatized with graphic/extensive detail in the scene.

ChapterContent (type, intensity)
PrologueGore (mild, depicted), bodies/corpses (depicted), ritualistic self-harm (cutting, depicted)
1Blood (minor)
2Bullying (depicted), physical violence (depicted), sexual assault (attempted, depicted).
3Blood (gore)
5Ritualistic self-harm (cutting, mentioned)
8Physical violence (depicted), mental intrusion (depicted)
9Physical violence (depicted)
11Sex slavery (depicted), sex (masturbation, depicted)
13Self-harm (cutting, depicted), physical violence (depicted), slavery (depicted)
14Physical violence (depicted), mental intrusion (depicted), blood (minor),
InterludeMurder (depicted), bodies/corpses (depicted), blood (minor, depicted), gore (mild), physical violence (depicted), mental intrusion (depicted)
16Bodies/corpses (mentioned), murder (mentioned)
18Murder (discussed), bodies/corpses (discussed), blood (discussed), physical violence (discussed)
20Murder (depicted), bodies/corpses (depicted), physical violence (depicted)
21Bodies/corpses (depicted), death (depicted), drug use (implied), physical violence (depicted), blood/gore (graphic, depicted),
22Sex (masturbation, depicted), bodies/corpses (depicted), blood (depicted), murder (depicted)
23Blood (depicted), gore (mild, depicted)
24Gore (gutting a fish, depicted)
26Physical violence (threatened, implied)
27Self-harm (cutting, implied)
EpilogueAttempted suicide (suffocation, depicted)


Praise for Petition

“Intriguing magic system that leaves me with more questions…Intricate world-building overall…Enjoyed it a lot and look forward to the next book in the series.”
—Scribbling Kat via Goodreads and YouTube

Petition sticks to familiar tropes but twists them here and there and introduces a layer of the unexpected.”

—Lukasz Przywoski via Goodreads (Fantasy Book Critic, u/barb4ry1)

“Everything about the book is just executed really well throughout, characters, plot, pacing, prose, world-building etc. I’m looking forward to the follow up.”

Goodreads reviewer

“Delilah Waan’s debut in high Fantasy is a solid read front to back, with a well-paced plot and set in an intriguing world full of magic. The book is rife with action and suspense but also personal and interpersonal conflict.

Waan’s characterization provides us with unique characters, each rich with their own voice.

—Stephen Wolberius via Goodreads

“…a solid debut novel, which kept me hooked from the start to the end, and twisted some of the tropes of high fantasy in a way that hit directly in the feelings.

“…perfect for people who like to read epic fantasy that takes place in a smaller setting…and great also for people who like interesting proposals that are different from classic fantasy.”

—Jamedi via Jamreads.com