Resonance Crystal Legacy, Book 1

In the Dominion of Aleznuaweite, anyone can rise to the greatest heights—if they are willing to pay the price.

About Delilah Waan

Delilah Waan, author headshot.
Delilah Waan

I am a literal bookworm who alphabetically devours my way through the shelves at my local library.

My preferred diet is fantasy epics—full of complex intrigue, morally ambiguous characters and tragic ends—though I do enjoy the occasional quippy, fast-paced action adventure. (Sappy romances, however, give me indigestion.)

When I’m not binge-reading the next doorstopper on my TBR or engaging in frantic theory crafting in between Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight book releases, I like to spit bars in my best Angelica Schuyler impression and walk my cat.

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I’m active on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, but the best way to reach me privately is by email.