SPFBO9 Before We Go Blog ⚔️ Semi-finalist Cage Match

Match Results

The Prize

The loot drop has expired! But you can still check out all of the BWGB semi-finalists here.

The Event

Hang out with Palmer Pickering, Clayton Snyder, Delilah Waan, and Daniel Meyer as they go head to head in Steven William Hannah‘s arena.

The twist: no author plays as their own protagonist.


  • Live readings
  • PvP D&D cage match
  • Live audience polls—vote on what happens in the arena!
  • Exclusive post-event loot drop

Watch the Cage Match

Who will be the champion?

Here are all the details on the arena and who’s who to help you place your bets.

Want to have a say in what goes down in the arena? Vote in the live polls in the lead up to the cage match and during the livestream!

Poll 1: Creatures

Poll 2: Traps

Poll 3: The Start

An ex-soldier, a bounty hunter, an empathic seer, and a teen wizard walk into an arena…

Teleo (from Heliotrope)

Wil Cutter (from Cold West)

Rahelu (from Petition)

Sam Adams (from Credible Threats)


Your D&D experience:


Which of your opponents do you most fear?

Clayton’s magical cowboy.

Your thoughts on Teleo’s chances of winning:

Teleo doesn’t know anything about guns, but all I can say to any gunslingers: you’d better kill Teleo with the first shot, or you’re toast. So, I’d say his chances are pretty good.

Keeping in mind you won’t be playing Teleo, what’s your strategy for winning?

Subterfuge and trickery. Or outright cheating, if it comes to that.

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Your D&D experience:

Roughly 30 years, on and off. 

Which of your opponents do you most fear?

All of them. They’re probably smarter than me. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be here, and I think my Uber is late.

Your thoughts on Wil’s chances of winning:

Can anyone dodge bullets? I can’t.

Keeping in mind you won’t be playing Wil, what’s your strategy for winning?

Hide until he shoots everyone else, don’t use any magic, and brain him with a board with a nail in it.

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Your D&D experience:

None! But I’ve read a lot of Dragonlance and played some MMORPGs that are heavily D&D-based and I’ve always wanted to play so I am READY for this!

Which of your opponents do you most fear?

Can I say Steve? As the DM, he is all-powerful and could end me with a single diabolical hazard or random encounter.

Your thoughts on Rahelu’s chances of winning:

Hmmmmmmmmn. Well, Rahelu would say that, “Wars are won first in the mind and then upon the battlefield.”

If she can react faster than everybody else and if their mental defences are weaker than her emotional attacks, then she can do things like freeze them all with fear and stab them, one by one.

If she can’t, then she’s going to be pretty vulnerable—possibly the most vulnerable one out there. Teleo’s in full plate armor, Wil’s gotta have loads of guns, and Sam’s a wizard.

Keeping in mind you won’t be playing Rahelu, what’s your strategy for winning?

I’ve always been a min/maxing gamer so usually I’d say “study the character sheets and find the exploits” but I have a feeling Steve will make sure there are none. So, uh, hope and pray for ultimate chaos and beginner’s luck!

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Your D&D experience:

None. Zero. I just got my first Dnd manual yesterday. 

Which of your opponents do you most fear?

Maybe Rahelu? I think her skills as a seer/empath might give her a kind of edge beyond sheer brute force. 

Your thoughts on Sam’s chances of winning:

I’m not sure. I think he’s got a good chance. He’s more powerful than he gives himself credit for, I think. I really can’t predict how the game’s going to go, so it’s tough to say. But Sam does make a habit of finding a way to win against impossible odds. 

Keeping in mind you won’t be playing Sam, what’s your strategy for winning?

Actually, I think my strategy is pretty much what Sam would do: since I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ll have to just have to sort of blunder my way through and hope something presents itself.

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Your D&D experience:

15 years of DMing, at one point I ran three weekly interconnected groups simultaneously. Always enjoyed playing but DMing is where my heart is.

Which player/character match-ups/encounters are you most excited for?

Everybody Vs The Arena 😂 I don’t intend to make it easy for anybody.

Your thoughts on how this cage match will go down?

I’m curious if everybody will just gang up on Clayton’s cowboy Wil, since he has a gun lmao. DND PVP is typically a car crash so I fully expect chaos.

Any hints on the arena?

Somewhere between Takeshi’s Castle, Squid Game and Jumanji.

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