Resonance Crystal Legacy, Book 1

In the Dominion of Aleznuaweite, anyone can rise to the greatest heights—if they are willing to pay the price.


Resonance Crystal Legacy, Book 2

Final cover to come.

In the depths of the Endless Gate, anyone can borrow the powers of a god—if they are willing to pay the price.

Common-born Rahelu can’t afford principles: she had to sell her loyalty to the highest bidder in the Dominion to save her destitute family. Now she must work with her scheming House-born peers and her most detested rival to carry out her secretive Elder’s dubious orders: steal an artifact that can supposedly turn any desire into reality before the Dominion’s enemies can do the same.

But when control of the future itself is the prize, temptation beckons. Even Rahelu, who has never dreamed of anything more than a debt-free life of simple comforts, is swayed. No blood feud is too old to set aside; no alliance is too unsavory and no method too ruthless to contemplate.

As foreign spies and treasure-seeking raiders close in, House politics and hidden motives have set Rahelu and her teammates at each others’ throats. All while a dying cult manipulates events from the shadows…and an ancient power stirs inside the heart of the Endless Gate.

Torn between her own desires and consumed by guilt over the blood accumulating on her hands, Rahelu’s oaths force her to a devastating choice: who else is she willing to sacrifice in the name of success?

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Forthcoming (Q3 2024).